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2002/08/30 14:10
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A cikk már legalább egy éve nem frissült, az akkor még aktuális információk lehet, hogy mára elavultak.
Angolból érettségire, nyelvvizsgára készülők számára az év folyamán folyamatosan dolgozunk ki témaköröket. Íme az első: a család!

Which family do you come from?

My name is .........., I was born in 1980, on ..... I'm a student and I still live with my parents. I come from a small family, I haven' t got any brothers or sisters. My parents are in their early/late forties, but they are quite energetic and dynamic. My grand-parents live in the countryside, we often see them at the week-end. I keep in touch with my cousins, we always go out together.

I come from a large family, I have got two brothers and a sister. I get on well with them, we can share our problems with each other. My brothers are wage earners, my sister is a student. The members of my family are nice, open-minded people, they have good a sense of humor.


  • Keep in touch - kapcsolatot tartani
  • Get on well with sy - jól kijönni valakivel
  • Share problems - problémákat megosztani
  • Have a sense of humor - van humorérzéke

Do you get on well with your parents? /if yes/

I get on well with my parents, they trust me and I trust them. They give me a lot of freedom and treat me as an adult. I can share my problems with them, they can always give me a piece of advices.


I'm fed up with my family we quarrel about everything. They are not tolerant with me, don't understand my problems and I can't turn to them if I need help. They treat me as a little child, who needs orders. They don't trust me, I must stay at home during the week-end.


  • treat me as an adult - felnőttként kezelnek

How do you spend the time together?

In the evening, we have dinner together. We can discuss what has happened during the day, and speak about our problems. Sometimes we go to the theater or visit our relatives. In summer we organize a garden-party and invite the neighbours.

My parents are very busy, because they work 10 hours a day. In the evening they sit glued to the television and don't speak to eachother. When I try to speak to them, they say: Shut up! We can't hear the TV. We have no time for each other. The members of my family are isolated, they haven't got any friend and they always quarrel about money.


  • sit glued to the television - a TV előtt ülni
  • quarrel - veszekedni

Do you like to have a small or a large family?

I think that the most important is to make a carreer. The people, who work 10 hours a day are too busy to bring up two or three children. The question of money is important as well. I know some large families who can't buy clothes or food for their children. You can't deprive a woman of her right to find pleasure in her work and to earn her own living.

Children need a large family because they have to learn how to be considerate with the other people. They can share their problems with each other and people who live in a large family always have strong family sense.


  • bring up - felnevelni
  • to be considerate - figyelmesnek lenni
  • deprive of - megfoszt v-mitől

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