Angol segédanyagok az "étkezés" témakörhöz
2002/10/03 08:00
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A cikk már legalább egy éve nem frissült, az akkor még aktuális információk lehet, hogy mára elavultak.
Bár kevesen vannak, akik elismerően nyilatkoznak az angol ételekről, az érettségi témakörök között továbbra is szerepel ez a tétel, melynek kidolgozását Interneten található gyakorlatok segítik.

What do you usually have for breakfast, lunch, dinner?
I always have a substantial breakfast: bread with butter, sausages, or ham and eggs and I drink tea, or coffee. I think that breakfast is the most important meal because people need energy in the morning. I have lunch at home my mother cooks every day. We usually take a soup /fruit soup, vegetable soup,/ the second course is some meat /chicken, fish, pork chop/ with garnish /chip, rice, vegetable, mashed potatoes./
The third course is consisted of fruit, or cake. My family has dinner together. We usually have a light dinner, fruit soup, or chicken with rice.

If you don't have breakfast

I never have breakfast in the morning. I am always in a hurry that is why I gulp down a cup of tea/coffee and I go to school. I have lunch in the canteen between 12 and 13 o' clock. I'm not really keen on this food because the dishes are not well-done. There is too much vegetable sauce and we are rarely given any fruits or cakes.


Substantial - bőséges
Course - fogás
Garnish- köret

What is the Hungarian cuisine famous for?
The Hungarian cuisine has a good reputation abroad. The Goulash, the stuffed cabbage, the pancakes, the paprika chicken with sour cream, the noodles with cabbage, roasted paprika potatoes, with cottage cheese are world-famous dishes. The Hungarian specialities are prepared with paprika, which gives a pleasant taste to the food. Hungarian people are fond of different soups: the typical Hungarian meal usually contains soup. We take great pride in fish dishes, the Hungarian fish soup is a substantial meal itself.

Reputation- hírnév
Stuffed cabbage- töltött káposzta
Pancake - palacsinta
Taste- - íz
World-famous - világhírű

Do you like the instant foods, cube stocks, and freeze-dried foods?
I don't like the instant and the freeze-dried foods. I think it is better to buy fresh meat or vegetable than open a tin or use ready-cooked vegetable. The frozen foods always contain food additives and preservatives, which can cause health problems.

I like the instant foods because it takes too long to prepare a dish from fresh ingredients. The housewives living in the US prefer this kind of food, because they have no time to go shopping. In Hungary there is a trend towards frozen foods and the population began to know the importance of them.


Tin - konzerv
Preservatives - tartósítószerek
Additives - adalékok
Ingredients - hozzávalók

What is your favourite dish, and how do you make it?
My favourite dish is chips, because it is very easy to prepare. I peel the potatoes after I cut and wash them. I put oil in a frying pan and I cook them during 20 minutes. I eat it with a salad, for which I use: dash of salt, dash of vinegar, a small garlic, 2 tomatoes, 2 green pepper, cheese and 2 cups torn lettuce. At first I mix the ingredients and toss it with a ready dressing and put them into the fridge. If it is cool enough I sprinkle them with cheese.


Peel - meghámozni
Cut - összevágni
Fying pan - serpenyő
Vinegar- ecet
Mix - összekeverni
Sprinkle - megszórni

Do you often eat in a restaurant?
I don't often eat in a restaurant because Hungarian restaurants are expensive. If I go out with my friends we always go to a café. I have not enough money to invite my friends to a good restaurant that is why we always eat in a fast-food restaurant and go Dutch. Some of the Hungarian restaurants are not at high level: the foods always have fancy-names but they are not delicious, the prices are high, and the waiters are unfriendly

I often eat in a restaurant because it is a great form of entertainment. I always invite my friends and I give them a real treat. They wine and dine at my expenses and we have a nice time together. There are some good restaurants in Hungary where the foods are well-done, the waiter is nice and the guests are welcome.


Fancy name - fantázianév
Delicious - ízletes
Go Dutch - ki-ki alapon fizet

Do you like fast food?
I like fast food because it takes not too much time to wait for a dish. Nowadays people have to go to work, they are in hurry and need a quick meal. You can have a meal in 10 minutes, and you are not obliged to give a tip to the waiter. You always know what do you eat and don't buy a big in a pocket. That problem is that this kind of restaurant is crowded and noisy it is not easy to find a free table.

I never eat fast-food because it is expensive and not healthy. I prefer to eat at home because I can make a dish from fresh ingredients. I hate the crowded places and the noisy disturbs me. The menu of the fast-food restaurants is always the same, there is not too much vegetables in the foods and there is only a little choice of cakes.


Tip - borravaló
Pig in a pocket - zsákbamacska
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