BME nyelvvizsga anyagok: Próbavizsga 1.
Jávorszky Gábor
2003/03/24 19:30
1998 megtekintés
A cikk már legalább egy éve nem frissült, az akkor még aktuális információk lehet, hogy mára elavultak.
Egyre többen választják a nyelvvizsgareform után megnyílt nyelvvizsgaközpontok közül a BME-nyelvvizsgát. A Sulinet oldalain igyekszünk folyamatosan segíteni a vizsgára készülő diákok, illetve az őket felkészítő tanárok munkáját azzal, hogy egyre több nyelvvizsgaelőkészítő-anyagot teszünk közzé.

Writing - Part I.

Complete the text below by writing the suitable word from the list in each space provided. There are 20 gaps but 25 words given. Use each word once only!

Millions of Bangkokians _________ (1) their lives in their hands every _________ (2) when they use the city's buses to _________ (3) to work or go shopping or go wherever. The buses _________ (4) a pretty bad reputation so we _________ (5) to spend a day _________ (6) around Bangkok to see _________ (7) bad they really are.
Saturday - the beginning of the weekend. Like _________ (8) of other people I want to go shopping.
I arrive _________ (9) the bus stop at 8.20am and wait. And wait. Half an hour later, still no bus! "Take positive action," I think to _________ (10) so I head down to the corner to _________ (11) a different bus.
9.00 am. My bus finally arrives - the 139 and luckily there are vacant _________ (12). The driver is a woman. I _________ (13) never seen this before. I wonder _________ (14) that means the driving will be a _________ (15) better than _________ (16). My hopes are dashed when a _________ (17) minutes later she changes places with the man sitting _________ (18) her.
Before long there's the _________ (19) of something burning. The bus can't be _________ (20) fire! I look around and people are worried. Then I realise what's causing the smell - the driver is riding the clutch. A woman beside me looks afraid and calls out, "I want to get to the market!" The bus stops and to everyone's relief they change drivers again. I find out later that the woman was teaching the guy to drive!

a arrive n have
b at o how
c beside p if
d bit r in
e catch s lots
f cruising t myself
g day u on
h decided v seats
i few w smell
j front x take
k get y to
l give z usual
m have    

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