BME nyelvvizsga anyagok: Próbavizsga 1.
Jávorszky Gábor
2003/03/12 21:01
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A cikk már legalább egy éve nem frissült, az akkor még aktuális információk lehet, hogy mára elavultak.

Writing - Part III.

Choose ONE of two topics given and write a composition of 17-20 lines. Use all the information provided, write a coherent letter or essay and connect your ideas logically. When the task is a letter, use the English letter format (date, address, greeting, signature).

  1. Write a composition about sisters and brothers. Mention

    • if you have any sisters or brothers
    • what are the advantages and disadvantages of being an only child
    • what is the ideal number of children in a family
    • what is the ideal age difference between siblings and why
  2. OR

    You are taking part in a study exchange. Here is part of a letter you have just received from your friend.

I am really looking forward to meeting you and your family, you know. However, as I have never been to Hungary yet, I'm a bit concerned about your country's customs and traditions. Is there a lot to learn about them? But what interests me most is your family! Could you possibly write something about your family and any special habits you have (for example when greeting each other or eating)? I would love to know you a bit better before I go.



Write the letter in which you greet your friend and answer the questions raised.

Reading - Part I,

Csatlakozz hozzánk!


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