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2003/03/04 21:30
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Reading - Part III.


How to Manage Your Moods

"How are you feeling?" is the kind of bland, open-ended question that, when asked sincerely, has a way of prompting vivid and specific answers. But note the kind of responses people tend to give. They complain about their recent bout with a cold, the sprain they got on the tennis court, or their latest physical aggravation. Imagine how surprised they would be to find they're hearing the question with a different emphasis: "No, I mean how are you feeling?" That is: Are you happy? Do you feel in control of things? Is your life generally calm? Are you getting along with people?

Medical researchers are increasingly asking these kinds of questions in order to understand which aspects of life make a difference to overall well-being. Not that doctors are ignoring the health of the body in order to attend to the health of the mind. On the contrary, they are finding with increasing frequency that these two realms - traditionally divided - are in fact deeply connected, and a common denominator is emotion.

"Emotional factors have a major impact on physical health," says Prof. Sarah Knox. She points out that people who often suffer negative emotions (flying off the handle, sinking into the blues, worrying incessantly, and feeling friendless, to name a few) tend to have weaker immune systems; higher rates of heart disease, cancer, and other major health problems; and earlier deaths than people who face life with more positive emotions. The converse also holds true. Researchers have also found that people with long histories of positive relationships tend to have lower levels of stress hormones.

This is exciting news because it means that enhancing emotional well-being can make you more satisfied with your life - a life that is also likely to be longer as well as physically more problem-free. And make no mistake: Change is possible.

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