Feladatlap - Boldog
Jávorszky Gábor
2003/03/04 21:26
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A cikk már legalább egy éve nem frissült, az akkor még aktuális információk lehet, hogy mára elavultak.

1. Válaszd ki az alábbi mondatokban az odaillő szót.

  1. While he was talking to us, we were sitting there trying to keep/hold a straight face.
  2. When I saw he had written me, my spirits raised/rose.
  3. He was only too/very pleased to go with them.
  4. Well, he didn't say much but he didn't jump from/for joy when he was fired.
  5. You know the saying: laughter is the best cure/medicine.
  6. When he finished speaking we all burst out/with laughing.
  7. You must always try to keep your spirits on/up.
  8. As soon as he left the room, we broke/cracked up.
  9. His heart jumped/leapt when he heard the phone ring.
  10. He seems to be at peace with the life/world.

2. Egészítsd ki az alábbi mondatokat a megfelelő szavakkal.

  1. When the teacher entered the classroom, the laughter _________ .
  2. He was taking off some of the politicians and he had us in _________ .
  3. When she agreed to marry him, he was on _________ of the world.
  4. His phone call about the weekend really _________ my day.
  5. Since he received the letter from the university, he's been _________ on air.
  6. We split our _________ laughing throughout the play.
  7. He was smiling and seemed as pleased as _________ .
  8. All the students were laughing like a _________ .
  9. He was definitely at _________ with the world.
  10. He smiled like a _________ that's got the cream.

3. Az alábbi szövegben található magyar kifejezésekre keress angol megfelelőket.

Jenny was csupa mosoly (1) when she saw me. She seemed to be a hetedik mennyországban, (2) and she was walking towards us szélesen mosolygott (3). I could see my friend's szíve nagyot dobbant (4) when Jenny turned to us and started to speak. Boldogságtól ragyogó szemmel (5) she told us about her charity work and that nagyon boldogan segítene (6) us with anything we need. We told her we hadn't prepared for next Monday's exam, and felcsillant az arca (7) and offered to help us. She also told us what a great comedy he had seen some days before, everybody szétnevette az agyát, (8) the actors were so good everybody fájt az oldala a nevetéstől, (9) not even Jenny's granny could fapofát vágni (10) and kipukkadt belőle a nevetés, (11) too. Unfortunately, Jenny is too good to be real.

4. Írd újra az alábbi mondatokat a megadott szavakkal.

  1. She was so happy after she passed her language exam. CLOUD
  2. She has nothing to worry about in life. A CARE
  3. Always try to see the good things in life. BRIGHT
  4. Meeting her ex-boyfriend always makes her depressed. DRAGS
  5. She had a broad smile on her face. EAR
  6. He wasn't very happy when I told him to do it all over again. JUMP
  7. She enjoyed living an active life. LUST
  8. The news made her happy. LIT
  9. She pretends to be happy but she is depressed. HEART
  10. She seemed extremely pleased. PUNCH

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