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2002/08/30 14:39
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A cikk már legalább egy éve nem frissült, az akkor még aktuális információk lehet, hogy mára elavultak.
I live in a house facing /north, south, west, east/ with a garden. I like living in a house because it is more comfortable than a flat...

Where do you live in a house or in a flat? Which one do you prefer?


I live in a house facing /north, south, west, east/ with a garden. I like living in a house because it is more comfortable than a flat. You can have more privacy because a house is your own property and nobody disturbs you. People living in a block of flats are often isolated they don't know even their neighbours.


I live in a three-room flat on the third floor of a nine-storey block of flats. I like living there because it is not too far from the centre.. Unfortunately there are some disadvantages: the walls of our flat are not sound-proof, therefore we can always hear our neigbours and the different pipes conduct the sound as well.


  • house facing /north....., - északra néző ház
  • disturb - zavar
  • advantage - előny
  • disadvantage - hátrány
  • sound-proof - hangszigetelt
  • conduct the sound - vezeti a hangot

Describe your house/flat

Furniture of the living room:

Our living room is big, and light, it overlooks the garden./street/. There are full length/mid-length, short/ white curtains on the windows. There is wooden panel around the walls and nice three pieces suite in the middle of the room, which consists of a sofa, and two armchairs. The television stands in the corner and the bookcase is next to the sofa.

Furniture of the bedroom

There is a double bed opposite the door. The floor is covered with a white carpet, we have nice, short curtains on the window. My mother has a dressing-table under the window. There is a wardrobe in the corner.

Furniture of the kitchen

Our kitchen is of small/medium size, but the various items of the furniture are well arranged around the walls. The cooker is on the right side, next to it there is the sink-unit with a draining board. The refrigerator with a small deep freezer is on the other side, and there is enough place for a cupboard in which we can put some machines, and casseroles, jugs, bowls, mugs etc.

Furniture of the bathroom

We have a large plastic tub in the bathroom, the floor and the wall are tiled. The washbasin is beside the tub and there is a mirror on the wall.


  • curtain - függöny
  • dressing-table öltözőasztal
  • sink-unit - mosogató
  • draining board - szárító/konyhában
  • furniture - bútor
  • washbasin - mosdó
  • mirror- tükör

Where would you prefer to live: in a town or in a village?

In a town

I live in a town and I wouldn't move to a village for all the tea in China. The life of the young people living in a little village is very dull, they have no possibility to see the latest films, plays, concerts. The shops are better supplied in a town, there is a wide choice of everything, people have more privacy. Children can choose from the variety of schools, and they will have more chance of employment.

In a village:

I don't think it is a privilege to live in a town. People living in a town are isolated, they are not on friendly terms with the neigbours. Nobody has time for the others: people rush to work in the morning, work 10 hours and come dead tired in the evening. There are more shops in a town but the prices are higher and the shopkeepers are often rude with the customers. The block of flats are overcrowded and too small to live in.


  • for all the tea in China. - magyarban kb - "a világ minden kincséért"
  • dull - unalmas, egyhangú
  • privilege - kiváltság
  • overcrowded - túlzsúfolt

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