Megoldás - Bűn(üldözés)
Jávorszky Gábor
2003/03/10 17:41
1979 megtekintés
A cikk már legalább egy éve nem frissült, az akkor még aktuális információk lehet, hogy mára elavultak.

1. Fordítsd le az alábbi mondatokat.

  1. The suspect admitted to stealing the car.
  2. Many people agree that it was a crime against humanity.
  3. There is compelling evidence for their guilt.
  4. How could you shoot her in cold blood?
  5. Have you heard that Jenny was cleaned out yesterday?
  6. He was accused of murder but he got away with only a fine.
  7. He decided to keep his head down for a while.
  8. Always keep to the letter of the law.
  9. They are guilty as hell; still, they acquitted of all the charges.
  10. He tried to escape, but the day of reckoning drew nearer.
  11. His case will never come before the court.
  12. If they get arrested, it's down to you.

2. Egészítsd ki az alábbi mondatokat a megfelelő szavakkal a listából!

  1. perfect
  2. drop
  3. imprisoned
  4. make
  5. conditionally
  6. take
  7. hell
  8. got
  9. sticky
  10. clouded

3. Egészítsd ki az alábbi mondatokat a megfelelő prepozícióval.

  1. of
  2. of
  3. down
  4. up
  5. with
  6. for
  7. away
  8. against
  9. to
  10. under
  11. in
  12. on
  13. in
  14. down
  15. for

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