Megoldás - Munka (work)
Jávorszky Gábor
2003/03/14 21:45
1783 megtekintés
A cikk már legalább egy éve nem frissült, az akkor még aktuális információk lehet, hogy mára elavultak.

1. Fordítsd le az alábbi párbeszédet a KIFEJEZÉSTÁR segítségével.

  • 'Good morning, boss.'
  • 'Good morning. You look tired.'
  • 'I'm completely snowed under.'
  • 'I've heard that you do the lion's share of the work.'
  • 'That's right. I work myself into the ground every day.'
  • 'I see. Maybe it's time you got out of the rat race for a while.'
  • 'You might be right, but it's impossible. The others won't lift a finger.'
  • 'Everybody knows that you always have your hands full.'
  • 'Come on. I'm only a cog in the machine.'
  • 'What about a little rest?'
  • 'It would really be great.'
  • 'Well, here's the fruit of your work. Read it.'
  • 'What?! I'm fired?! This can't be serious.'
  • 'You know, it's a dog eat dog world.' I'm sure you'll find something in the same line of business.'
  • 'But, boss, who'd hire a 50-year-old undertaker?'
  • 'I'm sorry, my friend. The management is new and they made a clean sweep.'
  • 'Couldn't I work in the marketing department? We need a concerted effort; otherwise, the company will go out of business...'
  • 'I see. Unfortunately, there is nothing to be done. My wife has been on the dole for a year and it's not that bad. Well, I must go. I have a hundred and one things to do.

2. Párosítsd az összetartozó mondatrészeket.

  1. If someone is not a steady worker, he tends to work in bursts.
  2. If a company bites the dust, it goes out of business.
  3. If someone buys a shop, he takes charge of it.
  4. If someone becomes successful due to hard work, he claws his way up from nothing.
  5. If it is difficult to get something, it is hard to come by.
  6. If a country wants to buy a lot of coal, it is in demand.
  7. If you want to know what someone's job is, you ask what he does for a living.
  8. If someone is busy working, he is bound up in work.
  9. If someone works for someone else, he is in his employ.
  10. If a lot of people will be fired, you can say heads will roll.

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