Öltözködés - Fashion show
Prievara Tibor
2003/07/01 21:40
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A cikk már legalább egy éve nem frissült, az akkor még aktuális információk lehet, hogy mára elavultak.
Szeretsz divatosan öltözködni? Vagy a saját fejed után mész? A lényeg, hogy jól érezd magad a bőrödben és a ruháidban. Ezt javasolja következő, képzelt riportunkban a híres modell is.

The interview

Sulinet: What is it like on the catwalk?
Model: Well, it is what we live for. You are out there and all the eyes are on you. It is exciting.
Sulinet: What is the best part?
Model: That we have the chance to wear all the different clothes the fashion designer has designed. They can either be plain, checked, striped, polka dotted, or spotted, it doesn't really matter. The best part is that it is you bringing them to life.
Sulinet: What kind of fashion shows do you usually work at?
Model: All kinds of, really. I am fond of swimming costumes, my favourites are the evening dresses, but I even like pyjama shows.
Sulinet: Don't you feel sometimes tired of the whole thing?
Model: Of course it happens sometimes. During the shows we have to concentrate hard. We don't have much time to take off the articles of clothing, and to put on the next item. Fortunately, we have assistants helping us. They give us all the accessories we need, they adjust our hair, so that our hairstyle fits the clothes, and they even change our make>-ups.
Sulinet: What kinds of accessories do you like the most?
Model: Like most of the women, I love necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. A scarf might come handy sometimes as well, just like gloves.
Sulinet: What do you wear when you are not working?
Model: It depends on the occasion. At home I'm usually in leisure wear. If we go somewhere fancy with my friends, I prefer nice skirts, flip flops, or high-heeled shoes, blouses, and dresses.
Sulinet: And what do you prefer your partner to be in?
Model: A man can be very handsome in a suit and a tie. I also like to see them in tuxedos, but jeans, or trousers with a shirt, or a T-shirt can be sexy, too.
Sulinet: Finally, what would you advise our readers on clothing?
Model: No matter if something is out of, or in fashion, the most important is that they feel comfortable and cool wearing it.


  • catwalk - kifutó (divatbemutatón)
  • model - modell
  • to wear - hordani, viselni
  • clothes - ruha
  • fashion designer - divattervező
  • plain - sima
  • checked - kockás
  • striped - csíkos
  • polka dotted - apró pöttyös
  • fashion show - divatbemutató
  • spotted - nagyobb pöttyös, karikás
  • swimming costume - fürdőruha
  • evening dress - estélyi ruha
  • pyjama - pizsama
  • to take off - levenni
  • to put on - felvenni
  • articles of clothing - ruhadarabok
  • accessories - kiegészítők
  • hairstyle - frizura
  • to fit - megy valamihez, passzol
  • make-up - smink
  • necklace - nyaklánc
  • bracelet - karkötő
  • earring - fülbevaló
  • scarf - sál
  • (a pair of) gloves - kesztyű
  • leisure wear - szabadidő ruha
  • skirt - szoknya
  • flip flops - utcai pántos papucs
  • high-heeled shoes - magassarkú
  • blouse - blúz
  • dress - ruha
  • suit - öltöny
  • tie - nyakkendő
  • tuxedo - szmoking
  • (a pair of) jeans - farmer
  • (a pair of) trousers - nadrág
  • shirt - ing
  • T-shirt - trikó, póló
  • clothing - öltözködés
  • to be out of fashion - kiment a divatból
  • to be in fashion - divatos
  • comfortable - kényelmes


1. Melyek a férfi, illetve melyek a női ruhák, kiegészítők? Melyek azok, amelyeket mindkét nem szokott hordani?

a) tuxedo - ...............
b) skirt - ...............
c) blouse - ...............
d) tie - ...............
e) jeans - ...............
f) T-shirt - ...............
g) suit - ...............
h) evening dress - .....................
i) pyjamas - .....................
j) earring - ........................
k) leisure wear - .....................
l) flip flops - ..................

2. Párosítsd a tanult kifejezések közül a megfelelőt a megadott definíciókkal!

a) The look of your hair:
b) What women put on their faces:
c) A person who designs clothes:
d) Shoes that are elevated:
e) Clothes that you swim in:
f) Things you wear, but are not clothes:
g) Thing you put around your neck (two possible answers):
h) The person who wear the clothes during the fashion show:
i) The thing you put on your hands during winter:
j) When two articles of clothing match, they:

3. Írd be a mondatokban kihagyott helyekre a megfelelő kifejezéseket!

a) When I arrive home at night, I .................. all my clothes and go to bed.
b) I like old clothes even if they are already ...............
c) The models walk out on the ............... and show the audience the dresses.
d) Susan only likes to wear things in which she feels .....................
e) Tom likes Betty's .................. skirt, because he can play chess on it with Ben.


a) tuxedo - férfi
b) skirt - női
c) blouse - női
d) tie - férfi
e) jeans - mindkettő
f) T-shirt - mindkettő
g) suit - férfi
h) evening dress - női
i) pyjamas - férfi
j) earring - női/ mindkettő
k) leisure wear - mindkettő
l) flip flops - női

a) hairstyle
b) make-up
c) fashion designer
d) high-heeled shoes
e) swimming costume
f) accessories
g) scarf, necklace
h) model
i) gloves
j) fit

a) When I arrive home at night, I take off all my clothes and go to bed.
b) I like old clothes even if they are already out of fashion.
c) The models walk out on the catwalk and show the audience the dresses.
d) Susan only likes to wear things in which she feels comfortable.
e) Tom likes Betty's checked skirt, because he can play chess on it with Ben.

Csatlakozz hozzánk!


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