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  • Próbavizsga 1.
    Reading - Part III. Translation How to Manage Your Moods "How are you feeling?" is the kind of bland, open-ended question that, when asked sincerely, has a way of prompting vivid and specific answers. But note the kind of responses people ...
    2003. március 4.
  • Próbavizsga 1.
    Reading - Part I. Write the number of the most suitable sentence (a-f) in the text below. There is one extra sentence which you don't need. Until a certain point in my life I had not written much of value - a few poems and short stories, the beginning of ...
    2003. március 11.
  • Próbavizsga 1.
    Writing - Part III. Choose ONE of two topics given and write a composition of 17-20 lines. Use all the information provided, write a coherent letter or essay and connect your ideas logically. When the task is a letter, use the English letter format (date, ...
    2003. március 12.
  • Próbavizsga 1.
    Reading - Part II. Read the text below and answer the following questions in English. Apart from technical terms, you should use YOUR OWN WORDS and only include information from the text. Genetics and Drugs Genetically engineered sportsmen and women ...
    2003. március 7.
  • BME
    Szövegkiegészítés 1. Írj be egy-egy szót a dobozból a kihagyott helyekre. Vigyázz, 20 helyre 25 szó van, 5 ki fog maradni. A megoldásban magukat a szavakat adjuk meg, így gyorsabban tudod ellenőrizni a munkádat. She was just coming out ___________ ( ...
    2003. március 8.
  • Próbavizsga 1.
    Writing - Part II. Choose the ONE CORRECT answer in the questions below. Who told you to give _________ . me a ring to me a ring a ring for me a ring me If you were tired, why _________ so? haven't you said didn't you said haven't you been ...
    2003. március 9.
  • Próbavizsga 1.
    Writing - Part I. Complete the text below by writing the suitable word from the list in each space provided. There are 20 gaps but 25 words given. Use each word once only! Millions of Bangkokians _________ (1) their lives in their hands every _________ (2 ...
    2003. március 24.
  • Nyelvvizsgázóknak
    Talking heads Alan Leader has been hearing voices since he was 15. The first time it happened he was in a television shop. He had been upset by images of starving children in Biafra. Now a voice coming from a TV was telling him the famine was his fault, ...
    2003. május 19.
  • Megoldások (angol)
    Writing - Part I. take day get have decided cruising how lots at myself catch seats have if bit usual few beside smell on Writing - Part II. 1 4 2 4 3 2 4 1 2 4 1 4 2 3 4 3 ...
    2003. március 16.